Rare Disease Day

There are SO many illnesses out there with unknown cures, Lupus included.

I just can’t keep up!

Lupies, why not be the voice to help bring awareness to these rare diseases?

February 29th is the kick off (TODAY)


“It’s time again to show your support, create awareness, and do your bit to make the voice of Rare Diseases heard.”

Source: February 29, 2016


2 thoughts on “Rare Disease Day”

  1. I’m not sure why Lupus doesn’t get much attention and it PISSES me off! Our disease can be just as deadly & fatal as some of those out there. I feel bad saying this, but I feel almost glad when I find out some singer/actor has it. Because it somewhat gives us a chance to say that we (Lupies) matter too. :( I don’t want the people in pain, I just want more people to act like it exists. Does that make sense?

    1. I hear you loud and clear and it makes perfect sense. I wish more people knew it exists as well. I think lupus doesn’t get as much attention because it’s an invisible illness and people tend to think we aren’t as sick because we don’t look it. I know two people who have both passed away from compilations of lupus. So I know first hand how deadly and fatal it can be. But you’re not alone in being a little relieved to hear that a few celebrities have it also. In my opinion, they’re awesome advocates. They’ve had a hand bringing the little awareness we do have about lupus to light.

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