Insect Bite Leaves 23-Year-Old With Lupus

image taken from http://www.metro.co.uk.

This story definitely takes the cake for the most unbelievable story I’ve EVER come across! As I was scrolling through the Medical Daily webpage, I stumbled across this article with a headline that immediately caught my eye. Can you say attention grabber? The heading read:

“Insect Bite Leaves 23-Year-Old Kirsty Keep With Lupus And Bed-Ridden, Now She Pleads For Right To Die.”

Tell me if that title didn’t get your attention. It sure did catch mine- and for two reasons. One, it contained the word Lupus and two, because it said an insect bite left her with the illness.


23-year-old Kirsty Keep, of Kent, England, was hospitalized at the age of 12 after an insect bite and developed the autoimmune disease-Lupus. Now, more than 10 years later, Keep is no longer able to endure her long suffering.

After being bed-ridden for 11 years and undergoing chemotherapy that only made her symptoms worsen, Keep wishes to end it all NOW in Switzerland.

“I wanted to go to Switzerland and just end it. I’m staying here for my family really. That’s all and I don’t want to be here anymore, suffering. So I just want people to help me now.”

*Read more of Kirsty Keep’s story http://news.yahoo.com/woman-23-begs-to-die-after-insect-bite-leaves-155923801.html


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