Tired Just Thinking About It


This weekend was an extremely hard one to concur. Why didn’t anyone tell me that moving out of an apartment required soooooo much work? Why didn’t anyone tell me that the day after, I would feel like I had just been involved in a train wreck? Though everything (the BIG things rather) has been moved out and sent out to their designated areas, I am still left with the task of cleaning up the apartment before I hand in the keys.

On the do to list before the exchanging of the keys:

  • Cleaning the kitchen– mopping the floors, cleaning behind the stove and the refrigerator
  • Cleaning the rooms– vacuuming the floors in the bedroom and dusting
  • Painting of the walls– sine white walls bore the crap out of me, I am not stuck with having to paint my beautifully green walls back to eggshell white (blah).
  • Sweeping and clearing off the screened in porch I NEVER got the chance to use.

All of those tasks take the average person no more than a day, maybe two, to complete. BUT for someone with Lupus, even the simplest task, dusting for example, could take more than the expected time.

God be with me. Move out day is Monday!


2 thoughts on “Tired Just Thinking About It”

  1. Ugh. I moved in September & still remember how crappy it is for someone like us. I hired movers and had my mom help & still very difficult. And yes, the cleaning… I plan on staying where I’m at for a long time! Haha!

    1. It’s extremely crappy 😩 especially for those like us. After all of this and all of the pain I’m in, I’m definitely without a doubt hiring movers next time. And after this move I’m positive I’ll be there for a LONG time as well.

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