I Am A Purple Butterfly (Poem)


People often ask me what my Lupus is. I don’t think they quite understand.

Understanding my journey, my pain and the toll it takes on me, could take a lifetime.

Really take a look at my life. View it from my perspective.

Presentation is everything! Pretending is a skill that we all seem to master.

Lupus has altered my appearance, has stolen my joy and has changed my life.

Every day is a new day though. It’s a new chance to start over and win this battle.


But there are days when I just can’t and I allow Lupus to win!

Under no circumstances do I ever give up though. I continue to fight.

Tears of sadness- depression, loneliness, surrender.

Tears of pain- joint pain, muscle aches and headaches.

Endless medical bills that pile up and leave you in debt.

Rheumatoid arthritis is just one of the sleuth of symptoms I have to endure daily.

Friendships are broken and relationships, both family and intimate, become severed.

Longing for a sense normalcy. Longing for painless, guiltless declination of plans. No one likes a friend that cancels on them all the time.

Yearning for peace. Yearning to emerge from the shadows of my disease.


This is not the life I chose. I did not sign up for this. BUT I am a Purple Butterfly and I WILL fly above Lupus.

-Na’Keevia Brown


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