Living Well With Lupus Seminar



Lupus Foundation of America, Florida Chapter

 invites you to its upcoming event:

Living Well with Lupus Seminar

 Saturday, February 20, 2016

10:00am – 12:00pm

Nova Southeastern University

4850 Millenia Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32839

More information

Phone: 561-279-8606

Email: info@lupusfl.org

*Registration is FREE but required as seating is limited.

Light snacks will be provided.


6 thoughts on “Living Well With Lupus Seminar”

      1. No, it’s not convenient at all. I’m not sure why we don’t have a chapter. I’ve talked to the Minnesota chapter and I have briefly brought it up. They sent me some information so I will have to check out what they all sent me. I know my mom and I tried setting up a support group and that didn’t go well. There is already one here but your family and/or friends cannot go. It’s for patients only. Which is ridiculous because I have members that want to show their support or to learn more. Unfortunately this woman has so much sway that we couldn’t get ours started (since it was patients AND their support team). It kind of left a bitter taste in our mouth so we really don’t want to bother with anything else relating to that.

      2. Oh wow. I’m sorry to hear that. That really stinks. It also speaks volumes about one’s character. If your friends and or family members weren’t able to attend the support groups or meetings then that’s a shame. That just goes to show that she’s not for bringing about lupus awareness at all. But be sure to check out the information you received from the Minnesota chapter. Keep me posted. We need as many lupus advocates as we can get.

      3. Right?!? My mom and I thought, what’s the purpose of a support group if there cant be people there that support you? Haha. I will keep you updated and agree that we need as many advocates as possible! This disease does not get enough attention!

      4. If your support systems aren’t able to attend then there is no purpose for a “support group” PERIOD. I definitely agree that this disease gets little to no attention. I commend you and wish you well with everything 😊

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