Tired Tuesday

I CANNOT for the life of me bring my eyes to a close when it comes time for bed. Last night, or shall I say early this morning, I found myself lying restlessly in bed at 2 a.m… then 3 a.m… then 4 a.m… and still at 5 a.m… when I rolled over to disengage my alarm clock. So of course it’s only natural that I’m sluggishly walking around my office today. Three cups of coffee later and I am still EXHAUSTED!


5 thoughts on “Tired Tuesday”

  1. Do you take any medication for insomnia? I take Trazodone to stay asleep and… Something to help get me to sleep. I just started it so can’t remember. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

      1. The other med I take is a low dose of Baclofen (pain relieve/muscle relaxer). But I’m considering going back to what I was on before this, Lorazepam. The Lorazepam helps put me to sleep while the Trazadone helps keep me asleep (since I have both forms of insomnia). Of course there is Ambien but my rheumy didn’t want me on it. Please consider it! You know it’s very important for us Lupies to get our sleep! :)

      2. I will definitely mention both to my doctor and see how we can proceed. Because yessss I do know how important it is for us Lupies to get much needed sleep. Thanks so much for the recommendations.

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