Lupus fatigue: How to respond when your kids have heard it a thousand times

This article comes at time when my son too feels like i’m always tired. I try not to become defensive, and I try not to feel guilty either. However, what I need to do from now on is understand his point of view.

MyLupusTeam Blog

Guest post written by Sara Gorman.


This summer, the girls and I were creatures of habit. Every other weekday, we’d drive over to the pool around 11am. We’d swim a little, eat a little, and swim a little more. Then around 1:30, the girls would head to the showers, and then we’d leave the pool just in time for our 2pm babysitter…and my mid-afternoon nap. Because we did this all summer long, we truly had it down to a science. Between 1:54 and 2:06pm, you could always find us in the car, headed for home.

During that short car ride home, I would inevitably feel my fatigue set in. Chalk it up to the warm car, the exertion of energy during the past 3 hours, or the fact that it was simply time for me to sleep, I would always utter something like, “Girls, I am TI – erd” (phonetically…

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