I Am Only One Person

imageThis weekend I was quickly reminded that I could not take the day all at once because I was immediately SHUT DOWN… well, at least my body was.

I had an agenda this weekend. I had plans. However, my body didn’t agree with the game plan. It was like it said,“Nope not today!”

I’ve recently gotten back into the swing of things- going to the gym regularly, going out for a bite to eat in the evening, and running errands on my days off. But I learned this weekend that even those things were now a NO GO!

I have to take it easy.

By the end of the day, my elbow and knees were swollen, my head was pounding, and I could barely move.

Everything hurt!

I had to rest and hope for the best. Four pain killers and 2 muscle relaxers later, I was able to come back to work today.

“Take things one step, one breath, one moment at a time.”

Have a great day Lupies ♥

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