Doctor Researching the Environmental Aspects of Lupus, Dies

Image taken from theleadingphysiciansoftheworld.com

The lupus community lays to rest an amazingly awesome health advocate. A woman who’s research and findings were essential to all we know about lupus and other autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Evelyn V. Hess, was an internationally known pioneer at the University of Cincinnati. She was dedicated to studying and treating diseases of the immune system including diseases such as AIDS and lupus. Unfortunately, Dr. Hess has passed on. She was 90.

Hess has gained the global attention of her peers and supporters for her research career on diseases affecting the immune and rheumatic systems of the body, especially the environmental aspects of lupus.

Dr. Hess earned her medical degree from University College in Dublin at a time when women in medical school were rare… but she prevailed. And in 1964 she started the division of immunology, rheumatology and allergy- she led the division for 31 years.

In 2005, the Lupus Foundation of America established the Evelyn V. Hess MD Research Award. The award honors researchers whose life’s work has significantly advanced understanding of the causes and treatment of lupus.


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