Living With Lupus

Via LupusChick.com

Living with an invisible illness makes an individual the strongest person in the world. Each day one makes it out of bed is a stepping stone.

Going to work and smiling through achy joints and muscle pain… a stepping stone.

Being alert at a desk for 8 to 12 hours a day after being on at least 6 different medications… a stepping stone.

Battling Lupus fatigue when your energy level is at zero and all you want to do is rest up and sleep… a stepping stone.

Any other lupies share this daily routine?


2 thoughts on “Living With Lupus”

  1. I use to share this routine. August 2014 I was diagnosed with lupus and was crippled in fear until this year. I began working two jobs and finally quit one to go with the better position. I would sleep through a shift or miss a step on my job duties during my work shift. Everyone liked me for the most part and I enjoyed heading into an office everyday. These days, its a stepping stone to even remember if I’ve taken my medicine or worked on a specific project. I completely understand and pray for better days!

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