Friday: Check Up Day..

While everyone is sitting in their cozy seats at their desks, sipping on hot coffee and basking in the joy of what clocking out at 5 p.m. brings, I’ll be driving around in the freezing rain and trading in my cozy seat in my work office for uncomfortable chairs, long wait times and an overly chilled doctor’s office.


Because it’s that time again ladies and gentlemen. It’s the day I’ve come to dread many months before it’s arrival. It’s my six month check up. It’s the day I have to see my Pulmonologist for the ongoing inflammation in my lungs. It’s the day I have to see my Rheumatologist for the painful joint pain I experience oh so frequently. Today is the day I have to see my Neurologists for the cerebellar tonsillar ectopia that has been the cause of the severe headaches that have become the norm for me. It’s the day I have to see my Dermatologist for the butterfly rash along my cheeks that comes in when I’m stressed (which is ALL THE TIME). And lastly, today is the day I visit my Primary doctor so that he can let me know how I’ve improved or have not improved based upon the plant based diet he put me on.


I dread days like these, BUT I’ve obeyed ALL of my doctor’s instructions, have changed my entire diet, and have taken my medication religiously. So today I’m hoping to hear nothing but good news.

Happy Friday Lupies!


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