Lupus, Learning to Love the Process

I am often utterly frustrated with my day-to-day routine and I often grow weary of the doctor visits and the extensive grocery list of medications I am prescribed.

Lupus Walk
The Walk to End Lupus Now Event (Miami) Marlins Park 2015

I push through.

But what do you do when you no longer have the fight left in you?

Overwhelmed by the never-ending disarray that is my life, I reached out to a co-worker of mine. I find it refreshing to gain outside perspectives from those unfamiliar with my shortcomings. My co-worker willingly listened on the other end as I readily poured out complaint after complaint and excuse after excuse.

Sometimes I like to wallow in my own self-pity. After all, I am the one suffering from thinning hair, inflamed joints and constant fatigue. But in the midst of my episode, I managed to take in one thing my co-worker said to me. He said, “I heard a great quote the other day and it works for a lot of different things.” Although he could not remember where he had heard it, he thought it was fitting for my situation. The quote was as follows:

“Learn to love the process and you will accomplish more than your goals.” -Matthew Morrison

What does that really mean?

My co-worker caught my attention, and in that moment something clicked. He was right! We often fuss and fight about what is happening to us in the now, but we never stop to appreciate how worse off things could really be. I figured if I focused solely on embracing the process of getting better, embracing the process of being medicated in order to engage in “normal” activity, and engaging in this journey of healthy living and eating, then my outcome would be illustrious.

Learning to love the process of getting better will allow me to accomplish more than I could ever imagine. I could gain running after my son at the beach back or decrease the frequent rain checks I’ve taken with my friends because I “just wasn’t feeling up to it.”

Lupus doesn’t have me, I have it!


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