Shhh… Lupus Secrets Enclosed!

I was so excited to open by package from Barnes and Noble simply BECAUSE I knew what was inside of the packaging. I opened it and NOT to my surprise, I found my Lupus Encyclopedia! Words cannot express how long a week feels when you're waiting on something. It felt like eternity, but it's finally here!… Continue reading Shhh… Lupus Secrets Enclosed!


Lupies, Go At Your Own Pace!

Sometimes lupus has the tendency to bring you down. It takes you to very dark places and extremely low points in life that you'd never in one million years thought you'd ever experience. However, once you find peace with this illness, and once you make up in your mind that you will overcome lupus and… Continue reading Lupies, Go At Your Own Pace!


How Has Lupus Changed You?

I have unfortunately been forced to wear glasses... I have not been able to workout at a gym in nearly two years due to pleurisy.... I have absolutely no hair at the crown of my head due to hair loss caused by lupus... And I have been made to eat a special plant based diet… Continue reading How Has Lupus Changed You?


Myth Busters: Lupus Edition

Myth: Lupus is contagious! FALSE! Fact: You cannot catch lupus from another individual because lupus is caused by a problem with one's immune system. What's the craziest thing you've heard about lupus?


A Day In The Life Of — Lupus In Color

Ever wonder what it's like to live with lupus? Lupus Warriors often throw around how we wish others could just see it from our point of view.  We gripe about how others wouldn't dare make it one day in our shoes. And though we may be right, #lupusincolor is doing something really cool as validation.… Continue reading A Day In The Life Of — Lupus In Color


When It Rains, It Pours!

When I was initially diagnosed with the L word, I was quickly overwhelmed! I was overtaken by constant doctor's visits, different specialists every week (at first), frequent emergency room visits, needles poking and prodding at my arms, and prescription meds being thrown at me from every direction. I must admit, it was A LOT to… Continue reading When It Rains, It Pours!


Visible vs. Invisible Signs of Lupus

Just because you cannot visibly see that my heart is palpitating faster than I can keep up with, or that my joints and muscles have me constantly on the brink of crying, DOES NOT mean that I am feeling well. And just because you cannot visibly see my weak, brittle nails, my cold, clammy feet,… Continue reading Visible vs. Invisible Signs of Lupus

Home, What Is Lupus?

Something Is Better, Something Is Worse

Lupus warriors are aware of the toll that this disease takes on one's body. We know this disease comes with many ups but mostly downs. And we do know that positive thinking goes a LONG way when it comes to coping with lupus and living long prosperous lives in spite of it all. "But I… Continue reading Something Is Better, Something Is Worse


How Are You Feeling Today?

Stumbled across this on the #lupusincolor Facebook page and thought that it was AWESOME! Today I am feeling okay. I am feeling okay and a little better today. I can get out of the house and do a couple things on my to do list. I can't push myself too hard because I don't want push my body into… Continue reading How Are You Feeling Today?


Fact Friday

Getting moving when you have lupus might seem impossible, but it’s worth all the effort. Physical activity is actually one of the best ways to replenish your energy supplies👍 Let's get up and moving Lupies! Happy Friday ♥