Great News Lupies!

Great news you guys! Lupus patients are living significantly longer! In a nutshell, the study from the link above, looked at lupus nephritis patients (where lupus attacked their kidneys) and compared how long they were living in 2010-2014 to the late 90s. – There was a 44% decrease in deaths from heart attacks and… Read More Great News Lupies!

Hepatitis, The Liver And Lupus!

Hepatitis simply means “inflammation of the liver.” And the reality is that there are numerous causes of hepatitis. Viral infections can be contracted from other people and cause hepatitis, yet medications (especially medicines related to aspirin) are the most common cause of hepatitis in people who have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Since Lupus can “attack”… Read More Hepatitis, The Liver And Lupus!

12 Lupus Symptoms Easily Missed

Lupus affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans, according to The Lupus Foundation of America, and it occurs when something goes wrong with the immune system. Normally the immune system produces antibodies that protect us from viruses and bacteria. But when you have lupus, the immune system can no longer decipher harmful germs from healthy tissue. In turn,… Read More 12 Lupus Symptoms Easily Missed